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Top 5 Leadership Skills to Showcase on Your Resume

Do you want to know which leadership skills companies look for on your resume? Data Dimensions International, a respected talent management firm, can tell you.

They recently surveyed over 13,000 global leaders and HR professionals to understand which leadership skills are in demand now.

Here’s what they found:

  1. Retaining and developing talent.
  2. Managing complexity.
  3. Leading change.
  4. Leading with integrity.
  5. Having an entrepreneurial mindset.

You can use the list to be sure your resume’s results statements and metamessage demonstrate your skills in those areas.

Your Leadership Skills Resume 

Are you thinking, “That’s nice, but how do I really translate this information into a leadership skills resume?” If so, check out the following sample leadership accomplishment statements for inspiration.

You can also click to see complete, sample leadership resumes and how you can translate your resume to answer interview questions.

Retaining & Developing Talent

  • Collaborated with Talent Acquisition to articulate career paths and recruit high potentials capable of level one and two promotions. Retained 90% of new hires. Filled 78% of leadership openings internally in FY18 — up from 35% in FY15.

Managing Complexity

  • Reduced complexity of operations and eliminated/automated processes. Enabled a planned, phased 26% reduction in staff (100 to 74 associates FTEs) over 15 months.

Leading Change

  • Implemented KPIs across sales and field service teams. Drove culture and process changes that increased customer retention from 80% to 98%.

Leading with Integrity

It’s hard to claim having integrity on your resume. Rather, you might ask colleagues to mention your integrity in your LinkedIn recommendations.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Built a cross-functional, entrepreneurial business unit (deal makers, designers, developers, project managers) tasked with developing new forms of [redacted]. Created subscription business model that currently generates $100+ million of annual revenue.

DDI Update

I appreciate the leadership research DDI conducts and shares with the public.

Click the link to see DDI’s full report, Global Leadership Forecast 2014/15.

In addition, DDI issued the Global Leadership Forecast 2018 last year. They continue to reference the list shared above and provide a much deeper dive on what it means to lead right now.

Gen X and Millennial leaders will be especially interested in the perceived advantages and challenges of their leadership capabilities.

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Updated April 2019

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