The Best Way to Tell If Your Interview Went Well

Have you ever left an interview wondering how to know if you got the job?

Do This When Scheduling the Interview

When the employer reaches out to schedule your interview, ask, “How long should I expect to be there?” It’s a reasonable question. You need to know how to plan your schedule.

Do This Immediately After the Interview

After the interview, check your watch, or phone, or clock — whichever.

Interview Length Matters

The first debriefing question most recruiters ask their candidates is, “How long were you there?” That usually tells us everything we need to know.

If you were there less time than they indicated when scheduling you, it might not have gone so well. The bigger the gap between the expected and actual times, the less likely it is that you’re their perfect ten.

On the other hand, if you were there longer than anticipated, your interview probably went well.

If they added people to your schedule while you were there, that’s good. If they invited you back, that’s good. If you got to the airport and found you’d been upgraded to first class, start studying how to negotiate your job offer.

Follow Up After the Interview

Even with this knowledge, be sure to follow up with an appropriate thank you email or letter, and if you don’t hear anything, make well-timed outreach to the recruiter and hiring manager.

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