5 Reasons Recruiters Ignore Your LinkedIn Profile — Infographic

Many job seekers tell me recruiters ignore their LinkedIn profiles — that they don’t get many profile page views.

Because of this, Melanie Pinola and I decided to create an infographic to address the problem: 

First: Check out the stats on how many recruiters use LinkedIn. Spoiler Alert: Almost all of them. If you want a new job, you can’t afford to have recruiters ignore your LinkedIn profile.

Second: Understand the most common mistakes job seekers make with their profiles (more below). Don’t be that person.

Third: If you want recruiters to view your profile, then be findable (more below.)

5 Reasons Recruiters Don

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Updated August 2018

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Comments 3

  1. Excellent article. I will go through my profile and make adjustments to polish my profile. There are areas that I was not aware of that needed to be updated like a professional photo of myself. Again, thank you, Myles G. Schneider

    Thank you Myles. Donna

  2. Very interesting information. Great tips. Thank you.

    Hi Diane, Thank you. Donna

  3. Thanks Glen. I found this to be an extremely valuable article and Myles G. Schneider knows what she’s talking about. Most importantly, she is candid and not one of those irrationally optimistic cheerleaders who sugar coat everything. LinkedIn will continually change, and learning about refining content, ways to execute new processes and getting clear suggestions is what I crave. I am going to revamp my profile continuously. However, right now I’m an example of what NOT to do. Always learning.

    Thank you Rand (and Glen). Donna

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