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Your Name on LinkedIn — 3 Tips to Increase Profile Views

Your LinkedIn name is the first thing people see about you on the site, whether they’re looking at their search results or your profile. Because of this, it’s important to take extra care with it.

3 Tips to Increase Profile Views

LinkedIn members do three things that immediately tarnish their LinkedIn images:


Some LinkedIn members present their names in capital letters. No one wants to read JANE DOE. It’s the LinkedIn equivalent of shouting at people.

all lower case — Bad

Some LinkedIn members present their names in lower case letters. No one wants to read jane doe. It’s the LinkedIn equivalent of whispering.

Alphabet Soup Credentials — Bad

Then there are the members who follow their names with the acronyms for every credential they’ve ever earned. That confuses the reader.

Pick the one or two credentials most relevant to your current career goal and feature those.

Like this: Jane Doe, JD/MBA.

(2019 Update: LinkedIn no longer allows a slash between credentials. So the example above now needs to be presented as Jane Doe, JD, MBA.)

Don’t go crazy with credentials. It makes you look as though you’re trying too hard.

Credentials Are Keywords

One or two relevant credentials featured in your Last Name field:

  1. Function as keywords
  2. Help your LinkedIn SEO
  3. Give you immediate credibility.

You can include additional relevant credentials in the Accomplishments and Skills & Endorsements sections of your profile. If a credential isn’t relevant to your current goal, leave it off. It’s just noise to your reader.

Get Your LinkedIn Name Right

As you can see, this is pretty simple stuff and you will benefit from paying attention to it. If you don’t present your name in a professional manner, many LinkedIn users will check out on you immediately.

Let’s Connect on LinkedIn

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Updated May 2019

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