How to Ask for LinkedIn Recommendations — Two Tips & a Script

“How do I ask for a LinkedIn recommendation?” It’s an awkward moment, isn’t it? You have to ask people you know to do something for you that most people don’t like to do — write. 

Terrific Guide!

Well, it just got easier. Last month, Adrian Larssen and the Daily Muse published an easy five-step, five-minute guide to writing amazing LinkedIn recommendations.

Adrian suggests recommendation writers:

  1. Start with a knockout line.
  2. Describe the relationship.
  3. Share a standout trait.
  4. Add a touch of personality.
  5. End with a solid recommendation.

She also gives examples for each of the steps. They serve as terrific templates, or idea generators, for people writing recommendations.

How does this help you, the requestor? Send a link to the Daily Muse’s post along with your request. It might look like this:

Sample Request

Hi Anita,

I’m updating my LinkedIn profile. Would you be kind enough to write a recommendation for me? You know me, and my work, so well that I would really appreciate your help.

If you get writer’s block, here’s an easy five-step template to use:

Your 5-Minute Guide to Writing an Amazing LinkedIn Recommendation

If you’re too busy to do this, no worries, but I would value your recommendation.

Thank you,



1. Go to your prospective writer’s profile on LinkedIn.
2. Scroll down to the Recommendations section.
3. Click on “Ask to be recommended.”
4. Enter your relationship information and click “Next.”
5. Copy and paste your message. Hit “Send.”


The “how to” template makes it easy for someone to give you a recommendation. Making it easier for someone to do you a favor makes it easier to ask for and obtain the favor.

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Updated June 2017

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