10 Awesome Resources for Exploring New Career Directions — According to Experts

Has your career stopped working for you? Are you stuck in limbo, afraid or confused about stepping out of your comfort zone to something new? If that’s the case, this is the post for you!

I recently gathered information from top career and leadership development experts about the best DIY resources available to career changers. They directed me to some amazing tools that I had compiled into the slide deck below.

If you’re a reader, we have books. If you’re visual, we have videos. If you’re experiential, we have guided visualizations (I love slides 13 & 14!) and workbooks. You will find life-changing resources in these slides.

The deck starts with some brief, reassuring advice from career and life coach, Phyllis Mufson, and then dives right into the resources.

If you’re 100% DIY, you will find what you need here. If you want to work with a coach, these resources will support you in making the most effective use of your investment.

Click to see all my SlideShare presentations: Donna Svei, SlideShare.

BTW, if you know someone who wants to make a career change, but doesn’t know how to make it happen, then please share this deck with them. They will thank you.

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Updated May 2018

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  1. I would love to hear about others’ favorite resources. Please feel free to share them here!

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