Unusual Advice for the Stalled Job Seeker

UK job search coach, Chris Delaney, offers helpful job search advice for every stalled, demotivated job seeker in the world: 

“Stop looking for a job.”

Make a List

Let yourself off the hook. Rather than looking for a job, make a list of everything you need to do to find a job. Then pick an item on the list and complete it. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Finding a Job is Like Eating an Elephant

A list turns your elephant of a job search into a tasty menu you can eat one bite at a time. Stick with it and your elephant gets eaten!

Your list might look like this:


Chris offered this advice to one of his new coaching clients. She had lost her job and done nothing to find a new one (for months). Her self-talk sounded like this: “I will never get a job.”

He had her make a list of everything she needed to do to find a new job.

Then he had her reframe her thinking from the overwhelming concept of getting a job to the more easily eaten and digested list of tasks she had made.

Her self-talk now sounded like this: “Do task number one this morning.”

As you can see, Chris’ reframe moved her from soul-crushing negativity to action.

Take Chris’ Job Search Advice

If you’re stuck in your job search, follow Chris’ suggestion. It’s a great way to transition from a down-cycling, negative state to positive, active engagement with a to-do list that will get you a job.

Crowdsourcing Questions

What tasks would you put on the list? What priorities would you set?

Updated May 2017

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  1. Task one for me is to say my elevator speech. It reminds me of my capabilities and what I have to offer, and from there Im in a better state of mind to move to Task #2

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