Donna Svei Review

The Bright Side of Being Trolled

If you Google “Donna Svei review” or “Donna Svei reviews,” you’ll find a post that contains a “Do Not Enter” image kind of like the one above.

At first, it bothered me, so I asked the person who published it to take it down. He refused.

I pondered all of that and then I thought, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” So I wrote this post.

Mike Podesto

My troll is a 25-year-old Internet marketer named Michael Podesto who sells job search services to executives for $10,000.

He’s not one of my clients or a business associate in any way.

Mike Podesto is the person who wrote the “review” I mentioned above. He put it on his website and set it up to be found on searches for “Donna Svei reviews” and “Donna Svei review.”

Mike Podesto Reviews

During 2018, and continuing into 2019, Mike Podesto has attacked/tried to divert business from over 450 U.S. and Canadian resume writing services and resume writers, including me.

In addition to trying to rank on Google for “Donna Svei reviews,” he has written posts to rank for other resume writers’ names and the word “reviews.”

Mike’s attacks have included inaccurate, negative descriptions of resume writing services, fake one-star reviews of companies he regards as competitors, and libelous accusations regarding those companies.

As different organizations have become aware of his behavior, they have restricted his ability to post on their sites. He now appears to be mostly constrained to posting his attacks on his website,

Yet, he remains dedicated. I have a vision of him in his jammies, sitting at his dining room table day and night,  pounding out “reviews”  and attacks on his computer.

The 10 Best Resume Writers

Regarding his diversionary tactics, Mike Podesto’s website currently contains “reviews” of the “10 best resume writers” in 58 cities and regions:

Allentown, Atlanta, Austin,
Boston, Bridgeport, Buffalo,
Calgary, Charleston, Charlotte, Chicago, Colorado Springs, Columbus,
Dallas, Denver, Detroit,
Edmonton, El Paso,
Ft. Worth,
Grand Rapids,
Hartford, Houston,
Jacksonville, Kansas City,
Las Vegas, Los Angeles,
Memphis, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Montreal,
Nashville, New Orleans, New York City,
Orlando, Ottawa,
Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, Providence,
Sacramento, St. Louis,  Salt Lake City, San Antonio,
San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Silicon Valley,
Tampa, Toronto, Tucson,
Vancouver, Ventura, Virginia Beach,
Washington, D.C., and Winnipeg.

He rates his company, which he runs from his home in a Denver suburb, as the #1 resume writing company in each of the 58 cities and regions listed above.

The 10 Best Resume Writers in Australia

In addition, he has rated his company as the best resume writer in Australia and India (yes, Australia and India).

The 10 Best Executive Resume Writers

Beyond his geographic claims, Mike has also written posts naming his company the best executive resume writing service. He followed that with posts claiming to be the best CEO, C-level, and [name the role or function] resume writer.

Will Mike Podesto’s Reviews Continue to Expand?

Will Mike continue his slog to claim that he’s the best resume writer for every person on the planet?

I hope not. These are deceptive “reviews” designed to game the Google algorithm.  They divert traffic looking for a geographically or functionally specialized resume writer to a person in Denver. That person is three years out of Fresno State and spent less than a year recruiting junior software developers before proclaiming himself a career expert.

What Makes Being Trolled by MikePodesto Fun

Regardless of what becomes of Mike and his marketing practices, I have found a bright side to being trolled. I’ve:

  • Learned a lot about white hat (legal) and black hat (illegal) search engine optimization techniques.
  • Been motivated to fine-tune my blog and its SEO, in a legal way, to make it more effective.
  • Confirmed that I have a lot of friends in the careers community and I’ve made some new ones.

Good Luck? Bad Luck? Who Knows?

Being trolled turns out to be like the old farmer story, “Good luck? Bad Luck? Who Knows?”

Thanks, Mike

I know I’m not the only member of the careers community who has had a good time watching your antics and picking up an SEO trick or two. Take care.

BTW, you can see valid, verifiable reviews of my work, written by my real clients, here.