Executive Resume Writing Service

You’re an executive. You’re ready to find your next opportunity, but you’re concerned about writing your resume and LinkedIn profile. That’s where my executive resume writing service comes in.

I collaborate with my clients to write job-winning resumes and profiles — their core marketing materials 24/7/365.

When your resume and profile present what recruiters and hiring managers want, you get interviews and job offers.

Donna Svei, Executive Resume Writer

I know what they want because I’ve been a retained search consultant since 1987.

My search clients include Fortune 500 companies, SMBs, consulting firms, and nonprofits.

I’ve completed over 400 retained executive searches. I know what makes recruiters and hiring managers want to meet you.

In addition, I have certifications in the top executive assessment programs:

a. Korn Ferry Leadership Architect

b. Hogan Leadership Forecast

c. Development Dimensions International Targeted Selection (practitioner and trainer).

Before 1987, I was a corporate VP and a Deloitte CPA. I quantify your results to make your resume credible and compelling.

The Executive Resume Writing Service Process

1. We discuss your goals to ensure I can help you.

2. We agree on a fixed fee for my services.

3. We schedule a 90-minute call. During the call, we:

a. Identify the experience and attributes your target employers/clients want.

b. Discuss where you’ve worked, your responsibilities, and your results.

c. Craft your best resume strategy.

4. I draft your resume. You relax and enjoy life.

5. We collaborate to iterate the draft into a polished final resume and LinkedIn profile.

Who Writes Your Resume & LinkedIn Profile?
I interview you and write your resume and LinkedIn profile. I do not subcontract with anyone on your project.
Your Results

Your results include:

1. Time Saved — You don’t have to complete extensive worksheets, so the process optimizes your time.

2. Quality — You get a market-driven executive resume and LinkedIn profile (written by me, not a subcontractor) that win interviews.

3. You’re Ready — You’re more aware of what you offer and more prepared to talk about yourself in interviews than you were before we started.

Executive Resume Writing Service — Sample Resumes

Click here to see sample resumes and lists of my clients’ job titles, functional areas, industries, and locations.

Contact Donna Svei, Executive Resume Writer

Email me here, because you want to know more or because you want to get started on your resume. Save time. Look good. Get hired.

Executive Resume Writing Service Client Recommendations

Visit my LinkedIn profile here to see the following and additional testimonials.

Kevin W., Product Manager

“While they say a resume and profile get you a chance to swing the bat, it felt like my work with Donna got me to second base before even walking in the door!

With strong impressions already formed, my interviews went quickly and successfully, and I landed my dream job.

I highly recommend Donna.”

Daniel C., CEO

“Donna did an absolutely fabulous job preparing my resume! She condensed a lifetime of work into a compelling narrative.

Donna has a business-oriented approach that illustrates meaningful accomplishments in a concise manner.

I especially enjoyed collaborating and iterating with her to tell my story.

If you desire a true professional, then look no further. Donna will get it done right.”

Gloria B., Executive Coach

“When a C-Suite executive who I was coaching needed a professional resume writer, I sent an inquiry to a LinkedIn colleague who recommended Donna.

Donna attended to my coaching client with care, timeliness, and thoroughness. Her approach is highly customized versus the boilerplate type resume services that abound. She attended to his special circumstances and experiences and counseled him on pertinent next steps.

My coaching client was most happy with the end product. I will definitely call on Donna again.”

David F., EVP

“I could not recommend or value more highly the insights and inputs I received from Donna.

A true professional that brings authenticity and transparency to her client relationship. Donna is not afraid to tell you like it is and with her extensive and diverse it is advice that can be trusted.

Donna is a trusted confidant and respected ally that provided me with the launching pad for the next steps in my life’s search.”

Arrian M., General Manager

“Donna was suggested by an executive colleague of mine and it wasn’t long before it was evident why she came as a recommendation to me.

Donna was thoughtful and deliberate as to how she coached me and developed my resume and profile, one that largely remained untouched since my collegiate years other than inserting new jobs on top of what I started decades ago.

Through several interviews she was able to capture my strengths, successes and career progression, in a much more captive and articulate way than I ever could have.

I certainly intend to utilize her services in the future and would recommend her to anyone seeking coaching or guidance as a strong return on investment.”

Todd T., Financial Analyst

“After working with Donna to update my resume and LinkedIn profile, it took less than four weeks to execute my career transition. I got a great job with a growing biotech company.

She was wonderful to work with throughout the entire process and my job search documentation was first class.

The AvidCareerist is outstanding as what she does and I would highly recommend Donna for executive resumes and LinkedIn profiles.”

Janis C., Accounting & Finance Executive

“The resume Donna prepared for me was professional and comprehensive.

Donna took time to interview me to ensure my resume was accurate and contained all the buzz words that would help get me beyond the electronic gatekeepers and into the hands of the appropriate personnel.

Donna’s resume has opened doors for me that otherwise would have remained closed, resulting in multiple call backs and interviews.

I was so pleased with the resume Donna wrote for me I requested she write one for my husband.

I would recommend Donna’s services to anyone who wants to land the perfect position.”

Joe M., Professional Services Executive

“Donna brought objectivity and a concise writing style to my resume and LinkedIn profile, not to mention a keen understanding of how recruiters and hiring managers use them in the hiring process.

After two months of rejection letters on my own, I received three offers within weeks of working with Donna. That’s a significant and measurable impact if I’ve ever seen one.

It was a bonus that Donna is also a great lady. I won’t hesitate to hire Donna again the next time I look to make a career move.”

Chris B., Executive Director

Donna provides her clients with key insights that can be leveraged to greatest advantage in a job search. I found her to be efficient and professional. She is highly skilled as a coach and resume writer, highly expert at shaping anyone’s experiences and education into the most marketable package.

Scott Y., CEO/CIO

The best resume writer and LinkedIn profile writer I’ve come across! In one short meeting Donna had defined my skill set better than I ever could. Both the resume and LinkedIn profile she created were stellar and it shows in the call backs I’m getting from recruiters. I can’t recommend her services enough.


Contact Donna Svei, Executive Resume Writer here. Save time. Look good. Get hired.